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So lately I feel this strange odd feeling ?
Could I say its loneliness? No. Not really. I feel released and free. I feel happy. Hahah I mean I know I have lost well not lost just disconnected from all my friends entirely. I really don’t have someone I can talk to everyday. Carry an awesome funny conversation. No none of that. I could sit here and complain about how lonely my life is but I have someone who loves me sooo much who does everything in their power to make me happy. I just wish you would have sticked around for so much longer. I had these high hopes with you that came tumbling down. I found myself wanting to get further away than closer. Yes you hurt me and badly. We are both to blame but I only tried to protect my heart. I knew trouble when I saw it. I thought each time things would get better but you had this tight bond around me that I refused to give up on whatever it was we had until one day I realized I wasnt as important as you were to me and I began losing all that respect. No this isn’t a direct post or rant this is just a reflection on what it looks like on this side of the glass seeming I have no one to tell this to and every time I tried speaking with you,you turned me down with some stupid excuse. Im happy though thank you. You made me realize what a wonderful girl I am and the wonderful type of love I deserved to fall for. Did you let a wonderful girl go ? Yes, yes you did. But its cool. I’m ready to finally get back on track on my road to success sorry destiny I seemed to have gotten side tracked by what I seem to have wanted at the moment but I missed my dream road to much and its time I get back on it. Just want you to know I miss you everyday and I’m no cold hearted bitch my heart is actually the opposite and when you realize and you wanna talk I’ll try my best to be there. No guarantees and that goes for everyone around the world. Much love .


"One of the weird things about Hollywood is we’re all imposters; we’re all just glammed up. At a proper Hollywood party – an Oscars party – you look around and go, “Fuck, he’s a movie star and she’s a movie star and he got six million dollars for a film,” but it’s clear everybody’s the same. Your initial instinct might be “How the fuck did I get here?” but after a couple of years you go, “The same way every fucker else did.”’

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